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“Ran out of purple”

melbourne_causeway_small Palm Bay, FL is a quiet little town on the East Coast of Florida, located  halfway between Jacksonville and Miami.  It’s considered a “perfect place  to grow”, according to the official city website  It is a town of small businesses, manufacturing and technology  companies and a community college.  Overall, an idyllic setting to raise a  family.

Palm Bay also apparently has a graffiti problem.  Or rather, the graffiti artists in Palm Bay have a problem.

According to the AP:

Police in Florida say a graffiti artist who apparently ran out of paint midway through a spray-painted creation left a note to potential critics to explain the unfinished work.

Palm Bay police Officer Dan Fisher says the artist painted the words “ran out of purple” on the white concrete wall. The note was next to an incomplete bright purple piece that read “Solo.”

That poor, poor artist.  Imagine, you’ve been planning your tag all week, maybe all month, and you finally have the perfect location for it.  You sneak down to the spot in the middle of the night and begin tagging, so excited you’re finally able to express yourself;  only to run out of purple paint.  Crushed, you must leave your work unfinished, with only a note to explain your ineptness.

Lesson learned, my friend.  Lesson learned.